HKK – Best Chinese Restaurant in London

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Yes, my eyes couldn’t believe when my boyfriend Alex took me to dine at the Hakkasan group new fine dining restaurant HKK to celebrate our six month anniversary. Six months REALLY?! Well yes what can I say he is the romantic type and you know what I LOVE IT!! All right, enough now, lets get down to what really matters – if you are in London or planning to come to London and truly love fine food then HKK has to be in your list! If you are like me, that think Chinese food is about takeaway, prawn crackers and plastic containers then be prepared to be seriously surprised – I was!

The restaurant’s exterior is understated and located in a back street near Moorgate station. However don’t let appearances deceive you! As soon as we got in we were thrilled by its amazing decor and exceptional customer service. And that’s without mentioning the 15 course tasting menu and wine pairing (optional) that we were about to try. The restaurant itself is not very big, it probably has twenty tables surrounding a central station where the chef carves and prepares some of the courses in front you. They were clearly trying to impress with this setup and it really works! I won’t talk about each of the 15 courses here, but summarizing a great experience, each and every one of them was absolutely delicious. For me it represented a whole new level of what Chinese cuisine can be. I can highly recommend the crispy duck (I never new duck could be so taste so good!), the dim-sum trilogy and the wagu beef, which is a great prise or should I say price. I never dare to ask Alex how much that dinner was until the day I decided to write this post. But, it was nothing more nothing less than just below £300 WoW (£95 per person + wine paring). Well, it is certainly not a restaurant to go every day but, if you want to impress or have the best Chinese meal in London then go to HKK no doubt.



Chef carving the duck

HKK restaurant in London

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HKK – Best Chinese Restaurant in London

Hello Everyone, Yes, my eyes couldn't believe when my boyfriend Alex took me...
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